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Ultrasonic Testing method (UT) uses high frequency sound energy to conduct examinations and make measurements. Ultrasonic testing inspection can be used for flaw detection/evaluation, dimensional measurements, material characterization, and more. In high technology industries, Ultrasonic techniques are increasingly used because it can perform Non Destructive Testing of the product at different stages of its manufacture and during use. This kind of UT equipment is used for the inspection of various products

Some examples of applications:

  • tubes and bars,

  • aircraft wings,

  • metal and composite structures,

  • sheets,

  • welds of tubes and pressurized containers,

  • forgings of large dimensions (for power generation),

  • motor pistons,

  • railway wheels and rails of track

Our Ultrasonic inspection systems are comprizing  of Ultrasonic instrument for automatic in line inspection of tubes, pipes, bars, parts (in Automotive, Aerospace, Steel and Nuclear industry), Ultrasonic rotating systems such as rotating head for fullbody defects detection and dimensional measurements, Ultrasonic local immersion tank for inspection of tubes and bars, and immersion tanks.

Our goal is to develop and create performing solutions to improve safety, efficiency and profitability of our customers. We are also always willing to improve the performances of our equipment and systems.


CMS provides Non Destructive Testing solutions for all defects detection

arrow_contact      PRODUCTS :

NDT solutions for Ultrasonic testing line of tubes and bars

NDT Eddy current (EC) and Ultrasonic (UT) rotating systems for defects detection on long products


arrow_title  MultiUTscan

MultiUTscan is a high accuracy multi-channel multi-frequency Ultrasonic inspection instrument.
It is intended for flaw detection and dimensional measurement of ID, OD, and thickness. Instrument operation is made fast and easy via windows based inspection screens and intuitive dialogue boxes for ultrasonic setup.
MultiUTscan is intended to operate with Ultrasonic rotating head RotoUTscan and/or with a dimensional rotating head RotoUTDim

logiciels ultrasons

arrow_title   Probus Supervision 

Probus is a supervision software which collect informations provided by NDT equipment and processes the data.

The Probus application is designed to be integrated as a quality control tool in the customer’s production line.
His main purpose is to collect informations provided by N.D.T equipment, in order to display signals and create inspection reports.

Roto UT scan page ultrasons

arrow_title   Ultrasonic rotating head RotoUTscan

The ultrasonic rotating head RotoUTscan allows the detection of internal and external defects of any orientation, at high speed on the production line and/or performs dimensional measurements (ID, OD, high inspection thickness measurement…)

It is generally dedicated to the control of long products such as tubes, bars and wires made of stainless steel, carbon steel, titanium…

Cuve à immersion

arrow_title   Ultrasonic Immersion Tank

The Ultrasonic immersion tank allows scanning inspections to be carried out with conventional or phased array electronics

The part to be inspected is immersed inside the water tank, itself supported by a sturdy stainless steel frame.
On this frame is installed a robot integrating up to 6 movement axis, coordinated and programmable.
The translator moves in front of the part to be inspected. This architecture allows the very precise location of defects and allows the operator to make returns on them. Once the inspection has been carried out, an inspection report is edited. It ensures the traceability of the inspection for each part and restores this information through A-scan, B-scan and C-scan.

Cuve US

arrow_title   Bar and Billet Inspection

The Ultrasonic Phased Array Bar Inspection System allows a very high speed inspection of bars and billets.

Several sectorial Ultrasonic probes are disposed on cassettes with an overlap at the entrance allowing a 360°  inspection of the product to be controlled. The arrangement of the sectorial probes and their type allows the detection of Flat Bottom Holes (TFP) or/and Side Drill Holes (SDH) also called longitudinal surface defects.


ultrasonic transducers

CMS provides Ultrasonic transducers such as :

  • UTR transducers
  • Spotweld transducers
  • Contact transducers
  • Specific transducers


accessoires ultrasons

CMS provides a large range of accessories, which, associated with Ultrasonic instruments, allows a complete inspection of the products such as :

  • Centering devices
  • Water circulation system
  • Triaxial and RF cables
  • Waterpath membranes
  • Mechanical bench
  • Coupling


Design, planning, manufacture, installation and commissioning

With its great experience and its known how, CMS can provide complete turnkey systems, a combination of mechanics , Ultrasonic technology in Steel industry, Automotive industry; etc…
such as : complete titanium tubes inspection, complete inspection line of bars with ET and UT methods, quality verification of bars, thick tubular product in rotation…


Through its products and its remote assistance, Contrôle Mesure Systèmes provides, all over the world, quality and productivity NDT solutions for industrial applications in non destructive testing

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